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How Does a Balanced Flue or Conventional Flue Gas Fire Work?

The balanced flue system explained

The balanced flue system is the technology behind most DRU gas fires and gas wall heaters. DRU engineers from the Netherlands invented the system in the 1930s. It has since become the industry standard for high efficiency and performance. Many companies have copied the original system, but none have been able to match the superior standards that are the hallmark of DRU products.

So what is the balanced flue system and how does it benefit your home or workplace?

Comfortable and efficient

Most conventional gas fires have an open-fronted fireplace that is inset into a standard sized chimney. The air that the fire uses to create its flames is drawn from inside your living room and waste products are expelled up the chimney. (See drawing 1)

So while this kind of fire may be pleasing to the eye, it may not be so kind to your breathing or your bank balance! It requires constant ventilation to keep it burning (ever heard the saying ‘It’s stuffy in here’?). And because of this it consumes more energy and fuel than you can reasonably afford.(see drawing 1)

How Does a DRU Balanced Flue System Work?   How Does a Conventioanl Flue System Work?
In contrast, a balanced flue gas fire is room-sealed using a glass front. It has a sophisticated flue that uses natural convection to draw the air from outside the building for combustion and expels it back to the outside through a separate compartment of the flue. (See drawing 2)

So there is no loss of comfort and minimal fuel consumption. And because the fire is not open at the front it is much safer to use.